The announcement of polling day in five states was made by the Chief Election Commissioner today. The Election Commission has announced the date of assembly elections in these five states- Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur, and Uttarakhand.

The Chief election commissioner said, “The aim of the commission is to protect the vote and the voters. Being selected in the coveted atmosphere. Therefore, all will be selected in accordance with the rules. The aim of the commission is to protect the vote and the voters” said the Chief Election Commissioner.

He also mentioned, “ Choosing a coveted situation is a challenge. Commission officials visited five states last December”.

Details at a glance-

  • Postal Ballots shall be used for Corona Victims
  • There will be women-run polling stations for women
  • Webcasting in over one lakh booths
  • 900 observers will be in charge of conducting the polls. The upper limit of election expenses has been increased.
  • Candidates will not be selected if there is a criminal case against him
  • The first round of voting in Uttar Pradesh on February 10
  • No public meeting can be held till January 15
  • Elections on February 14 in three states
  • The counting of votes in five states is on March 10