“I Went to Gujarat. It was OK. But won’t go to Bengal. If you go to Bengal, you will die!” Amit Shah made the remarks while standing in the Rajya Sabha, yesterday. In that discussion, TMC MPs were present. They strongly protested against Amit Shah’s remarks but, even then Shah did not move from his position.

According to Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022, a bill related to the identification of criminals was being discussed at the meeting. At that time, Home minister Amit Shah was heard making such comments about West Bengal.

Referring to a remark from an MP of Kejriwal’s AAP party, Amit Shah said, “Listen, Sanjay Babu, you went to Gujarat. I don’t know if there was an FIR against his party. But, you Go to West Bengal. Your life will be gone. It is good that you have not gone there yet. ” Mr. Sanjay is an MP of the Aam Admi Party.

Two MPs of the TMC party Mr. Sukhendu Shekhar Roy and Mr. Shantanu Sen were seen protesting in their place after Amit Shah made this comment. However, Amit Shah could not be stopped. “I went to Bengal during the 2019 elections. There was a firefight at my roadshow. Our national president JP Nadda also went to Bengal. His car was surrounded and attacked,” he said.