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Top US officials who traveled to Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Tuesday attended their first session with other world officials today. The officials praised America’s commitment to free and fair trade while on the lookout for retaliation from China following Trump’s new import tariffs on Solar and Washing Machines.

Expected Reactions

It is possible that the US officials could face some hostility from other world officials in the Forum, following Trump’s abrasive and controversial tweets like “America First.” After the White House announced that Trump is going to attend the forum in Davos, it was met with scattered, small protests while some participants out of the 3,000 attendees have voiced their concerns noting that the American President is not welcome to the forum.

US officials Talk Tough

The US delegation had been pegged the largest ever to attend the Davos annual forum comprised of globalist, academicians, world leaders, business leaders and other elites among others. Journalists in Davos today met with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. When asked, Mnuchin brushed off concerns about the possibility of a harsh reception from other participants. He remarked that they don’t have to worry about the crowd as their objective in Davos was to interact with essential counterparts.

Mnuchin also acknowledges that America’s big economic fortune positively impacts the world. Their presence in Davos is objectified by not just well for America, but good for the entire world as well as the US is the largest trading partner in the world with the largest investment opportunities globally.

Ross was a bit antagonistic when he remarked that China could exercise retaliatory tariffs following Trumps recent decision to impose taxes on imported solar components and large washing machines. American companies such as Tesla are the ones to benefit from Trump’s decision. Ross continued to remark that in any trade move one makes, there is always the potential for retribution or retaliation. As such it is for China to decide whether they wish to retaliate.


Ross’ and Mnuchin’s comments are just the beginning of what is shaping up towards the end of the WEF in Davos; Trump’s speech. Once he arrives on Thursday, the leader is scheduled to meet with British Prime Ministers Theresa May and Benjamin Netanyahu, Switzerland and Rwanda heads of state, Alain Berset and Paul Kagame.