Until recently, North Korea was considered America’s number one nuclear threat. The position may soon change following Kim Jong Un’s agreement to halt missile tests as he extended an invitation to Donald Trump for talks. The talks will be centered on North Korea’s possibility for abandoning its nuclear program and possibly denuclearizing. Trump has since accepted the invitation, a move that has shocked many.

Speculation continues to run high as details about the planned summit are not yet out. Analysts are concerned with where the summit will take place and what the outcomes will be. What’s in store for ally nations like China, Japan and Russia? Although the details and outcomes cannot be predetermined, North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un is known for going back on his word thus creating the notion that he may resume missile tests before the summit.

Trump’s Take on the Risk

Through a tweet on Saturday, Trump stated that he trusts Kim Jong Un will abide by his pledge to suspend North Korea missile tests while they prepare for a summit by May. Trump added that the troubled nation has never conducted a missile test since November 2017 and for that reason, Kim will keep his word till they get through their meetings. He believed that they will honor their commitment.

On the same day, while leading a Republican candidate rally for a special House race in Pennsylvania, the president continued to be optimistic when he informed the crowd to be nice before their meet with Kim. He added that they could boo him after he had met with Kim as any hostility towards North Korea before the meeting would stain any negotiations expected to take place.

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted that China was happy that America took the diplomatic route to solve their spat with North Korea. He added that Japan was also enthusiastic about the talks. Trump has spoken to President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan to assure them that their interests in the nuclear spat with North Korea have not been abandoned.

Speculation to Why Both Parties Will take the Summit Seriously

Donald Trump has performed poorly in regards to foreign policy and as he approaches the November mid-term elections, he should be looking for a win. On the other hand, North Korea is burdened with financial and economic sanctions and it may have reached a state it cannot take anymore hence the gesture for talks.

If Kim Jong Un goes back on his pledges or Trump messes the summit, it is a scenario that could not be salvaged for future negotiations.