The revelations of a planned summit between North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un and The United States’ (US) President Donald Trump may have shocked the world but North Korea still remains silent on the matter. Several days after the announcement, the North’s state-run media has reported nothing on the planned summit.

Trump announced on Thursday last week that he has accepted Kim’s invitation to hold talks against the North’s bid to abandon its nuclear weapon program. Ever since the country stopped its missile testing in November last year, it has also pledged that it will not carry out any tests while it waits to meet with Trump by May. American ally nations such as China and Japan have had several discussions on Kim’s move and Trump’s response while North Korea remains silent.

Endeavors from the North Korea Side

For a month now, North Korea has not allowed foreign media to access the country probably for being skeptic in the manner which they may portray their nation. North Korea has otherwise been trumpeting for better Inter-Korean relations and until recently, clung to anti-US rhetoric. Some of the missiles tested last year were intercontinental ballistic missiles with the capacity of reaching America’s inland, a fact that put North Korea at the top of US’s security threat list.

Seoul officials have stated that Pyongyang is also silent on them about issues of the summit with the US. Baik Tae-Hyun said on Monday that there hasn’t been any official communication by the North Korean government; a move he suggests could be intentional. He stated that probably the North could be undertaking a cautious approach while it organizes itself before the summit. He added that it was not unusual for the North Korean media to get their news out on contentious matters.

Baik intimated that because the media is state-run, they may take more time to establish what exactly the message should be. In this case, they may not want to put out news about the summit while it could fall through. In such a setting, it would be difficult to explain to its people and the world on what may have ensued to cause the fallout.

New On the Missile Test Moratorium

The only official news out of North Korea as of Monday was on Kim’s pledge to halt missile tests during the waiting period before the summit takes place. Even so, the news came through South Korea while Rodong Sinmun, the North’s main paper briefly mentioned of South Korea’s visit last week. It is from this meeting that Kim agreed to a summit with South Korea and extended his invitation to Washington. With the invitation delivered by South Korea to the US also came the agreement to seize missile testing.