Tammy Baldwin the Wisconsin Senator was back home on Thursday talking about health care, gun controls, and other issues. She was speaking to a political crowd attending a luncheon in Wisconsin. Tammy is a Democrat seeking to be re-elected in a state seat important to winning Democrat numbers in the Senate House. Wisconsin is a Republican-leaning state and having a Democrat win it is an achievement for the party.

The Senator is considered as a soft-spoken politician but fierce in addressing issues that affect her constituents. She may not necessarily be a party fanatic but advocates for the rights of the Wisconsin people. A pure example of her liberal stance is her support for buying American and the reduction of drug costs, both initiative supported by Trump. It does not mean that she does not support Democratic initiatives as the liberal senator supports tougher gun controls, universal health care and protection for the DACA immigrants.

Baldwin’s Luncheon Crowd

While at the event on Thursday, the lawmaker talked about several issues and answered questions from the crowd. One of her Republican challengers, Senator Leah Vukmir asked why she was against Trump’s tax overhaul while it would assist the middle class through tax cuts. Baldwin answered by stating that the tax cuts will only benefit the middle class temporarily. She flipped the question by asserting that the tax overhaul would cause a paper company in Wisconsin to lay off 600 workers. She added that the company will reward its employees by telling them that they are closing shop, a fact that residents in the state will not take lightly.

The act is an example of how Tammy is a soft-spoken political pro. She plans to use the attribute to help her win a second term as the Wisconsin Senator.

Baldwin launched her first TV ads last week which touted her support for buy-America and lowering of drug costs, both of which are Republican proposals supported by Trump and Senator John McCain respectively.

Tammy Baldwin’s Winning Strategy

Wisconsin is a conservative-leaning state hence influenced to support Republicans. Tammy is a Democrat but was definitely capable of winning the seat due to a set of attributes that rub Republicans the wrong way. Her ability to overcome party fanatics in rallying for issues affecting Wisconsin is one of the attributes voters in the state love about her.

Baldwin is known for supporting both Republican and Democrat initiatives which have got Republicans to accuse her of “shape-shifting.”  Mark Morgan the executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party asserted that her liberal stance is the contrast she has to deal with in order to be assured of being re-elected.