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Numerous United States (US) federal government workers rejoice as the government shutdown comes to an end. The three-day shutdown commenced when the Congress and the Senate failed to pass the spending bill on Friday. The federal workers who were furloughed will now not have to worry about the aspect of unpaid leave likely to have dented their budgets. Stat governments that had to close their parks and income generating spaces would also not feel the pinch since the stalemate lasted only three days. Following federal government’s meeting on Sunday to try and resolve the shut-down, there came a decision to approve a three-week budget to allow for critical government issues operations to go on.

The Vote on Monday

The decision for State Governors and Senators to meet and vote for a short-term budget bore fruit as they passed the spending bill. In the Senate, it passed by 81-18 while in the House of Representative by 226-150. It was only possible for the law to be passed after the Democrats received a commitment from the Republicans that the fate of “dreamers” will be secured. The reason towards the stalemate was brought about by a standoff between the Democrats and Republicans. They disagreed on the fate of “dreamers” – immigrant children brought into America illegally. Republican initial stance on the matter was to deport thousands of immigrants who came to the country illegally while the Democrats were not for the idea. Democrats used the passing of the spending bill to bargain for their concern.

Although the vote has passed, the budget approved will last three weeks ending February 8th. The objective of the budget approval is to give both the Democrats and Republicans ample time to deliberate on their stalemate concerning illegal immigrants.

Trump Claims Victory

The US President Donald Trump claims victory for yesterday’s vote as he signed the short-term government funding bill. It ended the three-day shutdown after the Democrats, as Trump puts came to their senses to reopen government when it made a deal with the ruling party to hold a debate on the future of immigrants. Trump reiterated that because of the Democrats coming to their senses, the government is capable of funding the military, insurance for vulnerable children, border patrol and first responders.

Ultimately, federal workers have a reason to celebrate because the shutdown did not last long.