Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked to use more technology in the security system. “Physical training is not enough to stay in the security forces now,” he said. Technology is now a part of the security system. ”

Assembly elections in Gujarat at the end of the year. Ensuring victory in Gujarat is going to be another important task for BJP after the good result in the recent elections in five states. The Prime Minister does not want to take any risk this time, especially since Congress did unexpectedly well in rural Gujarat five years ago. According to sources, in a meeting with party workers yesterday, he emphasized ensuring that the benefits of the central project reach the marginalized people, especially in rural areas.

He said that the private security sector is growing. Many start-ups have been created across the country. Our goal is to expand that area further. At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized the use of technology in security. “Technology has become one of the most important parts of the security system,” he said. So today, physical training is not enough to stay in the security forces. Special competent people can also contribute to the security sector.”