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Islamabad does not want to walk the path of unrest with New Delhi. Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif made the remarks on Tuesday in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s greetings on Monday. However, he said that a solution to the Kashmir issue was needed in the interest of regional peace and stability.

On Monday, Modi congratulated the new Prime Minister of Pakistan on Twitter, saying, “India wants peace and stability in the region, free from terrorism. Pakistan should focus on development and ensure the well-being and prosperity of people. ”

In response, Shahbaz tweeted on Tuesday, “Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the greetings. Pakistan wants peaceful and cooperative relations with India. Peaceful resolution of unresolved disputes, including Jammu and Kashmir, is also essential.

At the same time, dismissing allegations against Islamabad of support for terrorism, Shahbaz wrote, “Pakistan’s sacrifices in the fight against terrorism are well-known. Let’s secure peace and focus on the socio-economic development of our people. “