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The current situation of the state, Karnataka is well known to everyone. But some major positive and negative side of Karnataka government will surprise everyone.  It was a dark story for Karnataka since last 5 years. Now people of the state are looking for a better life through the upcoming elections in 2018. Everyone is unhappy with the Siddaramaiah bent themselves towards BJP government. They want BJP as their governor and guide to make Karnataka a happier state. Although BJP has always been weak in south Karnataka but there is a maximum chance of winning in this upcoming election. But will it be helpful for them? Certainly, there is a big question. No one knows the actual answer but all are hoping for the best.

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down heavily on the Congress and Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka over the lack of improvement, development, political murders & crisis and the appeasement politics. Narendra Modi appealed to the voters of the state to vote for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under Yeddyurappa to give the state a direction of a new era of development. PM said this recently while addressing a mega rally in the state at the Palace Grounds. The rally was attended by more than 100,000 people. The rally marked the end of BJP’s ninety days old “Nava Karnataka Nirmana Parivartana Yatra”. This new Karnataka Building ‘Yatra’ actually aims at bringing the saffron party back in the south-Indian state on the planks of development.

The recent by-poll which took place was the constituencies of the Southern part of Karnataka. One thing to be noted that Bharatiya Janata Party is always been weak in the southern part of this state and it’s been the fortress of Congress and JDS. Since the past history, the south Karnataka was always on Congress plate. It will be the major gain in North Karnataka and Malnad region of the state that is eyed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). So just because Congress has won the by-polls actually cannot say they will sweep 2018. Although the Congress in Karnataka is a competition to BJP and their central leadership may hurt them.

The major reasons for the downward trend of acceptability of Congress are—

  • Shear and tensile arrogance of the CM Mr. Siddaramaiah, who did not bother about the people of his state waiting at each traffic signals due to traffic stoppage to allow passage of Chief Minister’s covey and arrogantly replied that general people had to bear these small inconveniences for their Chief Minister. The maximum energy of the CM is spent in protecting his position every time ‘rebels’ complain to ‘high command’. This actually leaves very little energy for governing the state.
  • Few inhuman examples will blow your mind. When Karnataka was experiencing severe drought all his political leaders and MLAs and a few opposition leaders also went on a jolly tour to foreign to enjoy the beauty of places there. This single example is sufficient to prove how this government will care for the poor and downtrodden people of Karnataka during the entire period of his rule.
  • Corruption and illegal practices like- garbage transport, sand mining, road contract, become more active during the Congress rule.
  • DK Ravi issue was also a great example of bad activities attempted by Siddaramaiah to stay in power as a strong vokkaliga.
  • Siddaramaiah’s refusal to go with PM Modi to China was also an example of the incompetence of this government.
  • The state has a progressive population but caste issues outside politics are minimum. With the caste census, the CM will take the state 20 years back. All are expecting Gujjar style agitations once the census results are made public.

Is BJP really thinking about the state?

Obviously, the above-mentioned points are actually weapons for BJP government to win in the 2018 elections. BJP is also playing the game on the playground of this political theme. PM Narendra Modi on Sunday came down heavily on the Congress government in Karnataka over lack of development, political murders, and appeasement politics. It is also not sure that BJP will certainly think about the state for development.  There is a bare minimum chance of improvement in the state.  But it is obvious that at least BJP will not throw the state in a negative direction. The flow will not certainly move towards negative direction. At least the state will remain stand on the zero platform with break-even point (no rising trend-no decreasing trend). And that should be the main purpose of this election to throw congress and accept BJP.

BJP started various activities since last few months to make a position in the mind of those people in the state. They started a rally for a new ‘Yojana’ named “Nava Karnataka Nirmana Parivartana Yatra” (A journey to build a new Karnataka). The rally in more than 200 assembly constituencies of Karnataka was flagged off on 2nd November by BJP president Amit Shah. In the recent rally on last Sunday Narendra Modi concludes his speech by saying, ”I am seeking the blessings of Kannadigas for a Congress-free Karnataka, vote for development, vote for BJP.”

A few constructive but advertising comments by PM Modi:

Let us have a look on BJP’s thought about the state. Are they competent enough to delete the corruption chapter from the state or we shall see- only another side of the same coin?

  • As per PM Modi, Karnataka Congress is trying to stall Triple Talaq and OBC bill. Caste politics is one of the major game changers for Karnataka Congress. According to Narendra Modi, Congress government is directly linked with corruption and illegal activity but BJP government is always linked with development. There are many major allegations of corruption against Congress leaders. As per his comment, Karnataka government is known as 10 per cent’s govt. No work is possible without 10% commission.
  • This year the BJP government has set a new goal to build around 9,000 km long National Highway across the nation this year. Total 35 thousand kilometer roads will be constructed under Bharatmala Pariyojana. Will it be applicable also for the state Karnataka even after 2019 general elections?
  • As per the BJP government, Siddaramaiah govt. has done only business in the state. They have ruled for only for their self-interest. BJP is telling that with the motto of ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’, they will lead Karnataka on the path of development.
  • 15 lakhs commuters of the city will be benefited and with an investment of Rs 17,000 crores, 160-km long sub-urban railway network will be established in Bengaluru as per the comment of Narendra Modi.

There are more than 7 lakhs homes in Karnataka. Since independence, many parties have tried to give hope but still, their lives are in dark and are going to be much darker with this Siddaramaiah government. However, Karnataka is expecting an end of this dark situation of the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving the hope to the people. Already countdown has really begun for the end of the black story. All are waiting for the elections to be held in June 2018. After that ‘the ray of hope’ can be observed.