New variants of Covid are growing in many countries like China, Hong Kong, South Korea. The new variants of the corona omicron strain that is spreading there are said by some experts to be stronger than the omicron in terms of transmission. Central health officials also fear that the outbreak could trigger a fourth wave of corona in India.

Therefore, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote a letter to the Health Secretaries of all the states recommending the states to be ready in advance, increase the number of examinations and re-impose the Covid rule if necessary. He instructed those with influenza or respiratory symptoms to be sent for a corona test and the required number of samples for genome testing.

Although the total no of Covid cases is continuously decreasing, since the beginning of last January, the number of Corona patients for Omicron has started increasing in the country. Although most of the infected had mild symptoms. According to experts, a large number of people in the country took the two corona vaccines, but in this journey, the variant of Omicron that started transmitting is several times stronger than Omicron in terms of transmission.