There are many questions from the opposition about the new amendment to the country’s juvenile law. Because, in that law, the crime of selling or recruiting children for any purpose in this country has also been given ‘exemption’ for police investigation.

This law of 2015 relies on the legal protection of crimes against minors. The Child Protection Commission of four non-BJP states, including West Bengal, has recently taken steps to declare several of its clauses as ‘non-cognizable’.

Kerala Child Protection Commission is also taking separate steps in this regard. In the first week of this month, the letter went to various states. Copies of the letter have also been sent to the Registrar of the Juvenile Justice Committee of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General of the country. The opposition also said that if there is no response, then they will go to court.

Under Juvenile Justice Act, special focus has been given to children in childcare centers or homes and made a few amendments but the opposition is making fun of it and trying to interpret it in a negative way.