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To say many Democrats are up in arms about Donald Trump’s presidency is a bit of an understatement.  In fact, grassroots Democrats and liberals are often going so far as to say they’re ready to see his impeachment – and that has Democratic party leaders a little nervous.

For Democrats who are governing in a Republic-majority context, they worry this talk about impeachment will turn out to be a political trap that will give Republicans clearance to say Democrats overreacted in their opposition to Trump.

California Representative Eric Swalwell, a Democrat, told Politico:
“We need to assemble all of the facts, and right now there are a lot of questions about the president’s personal, financial and political ties with the Russian government before the election, but also whether there were any assurances made.  Before you can use the “I” word, you really need to collect all the facts.”

Representatives in Washington are finding during meetings with constituents that talk of impeachment comes up often.  A Senator from Oregon, Sen. Ron Wyden, says he was faced with the question at least three times.  Another Representative in Massachusetts says he was asked about impeachment, and responded that it wasn’t the right strategy.

But while most congressional Democrats are shying away from calling for impeachment charges just yet, there are a few Democrats within the House Progressives caucus that have publicly discussed the prospect of impeachment.

One of those representatives is Maxine Waters of California.  She says she thinks Trump is moving the conversation in that direction himself with his actions.  Another Democrat in a similar position, Jamie Raskin, has discussed voting for impeachment several times during rallies and interviews.

But these representatives are, in all fairness, echoing the sentiment of much of their constituency.  In Maryland, Raskin has received a petition with 85,000 signatures calling for impeachment.  In fact, a poll recently suggested that 46% of Americans are ready to see the president impeached.

But congressional Democrats are urging for more cautiousness, explaining that there simply is not enough evidence yet to make such demands.  It is not enough for Democrats to call for impeachment simply because they do not like the president – current investigations must proceed before any talk of impeachment should.

Indeed, Republicans are being given fuel for a compelling argument on their side against Democrats with all the talk of impeachment.  In a National republican Senatorial Committee email last week, the writer tells its readers:

“No president has EVER endured the level of disrespect shown to President Trump.  (It’s sickening) Unprecedented obstruction from the left on his cabinet nominees.  Mockery and scorn from the liberal media.  And now the liberal elite are calling for his impeachment…IN HIS FIRST MONTH.”

Republicans are rushing to raise money by attacking the overzealous Democratic party for their fierce opposition, in their opinion without cause, to President Trump.  With Republicans cashing in on grassroots Democrats’ anger and congressional Democrats unable to show enough opposition to Trump to fire up the base, it’s a concerning situation for the left.