Augmented Reality technology of dna, chromosome, gene, analysis concept by using smartphone

Innovation makes us inquisitive, and the revolutions of a cell phone have taken innovations to bewildering heights. Mobile innovation is not only changing the way of our lives along with our experiences but, it is additionally characterizing it. As the years are passing by, a lot of technologies in mobile are introduced since the invention of the cell phone. Today everyone has a small computer in their pockets known as their smartphone. This article will point out some amazing mobile innovations that are introduced till now. So, keep reading the article and know about some latest mobile technologies.

Wearable Smartphones

Today, adaptability, as well as the wear-ability, are gaining importance in the progression of smartphones. Screens will soon have the capacity to be folded, with the introduction of OLED innovation. So, with the help of OLED display, you can watch your most loved films and television shows on a substantial screen and after watching, you can simply overlay it into a small size and put it in your pocket without any difficulty. This innovation will likewise empower the predominance of paper-thin screens that are actually able to be seen from the both sides of the screen. This feature will allow you to show pictures or recordings to a person on one side while utilizing the opposite side as a control to move recordings and pictures the way you like.


Electro vibration innovation will change the touch screen of mobiles significantly. You will have the capacity to feel various types of surface. The web based shopping will go great steps higher due to this technology. You will be able to look for garments online without stressing over the texture and nature of the fabric as you can touch it yourself and feel it. Disney specialists have been working seriously on creating touch screens that will let you feel surface or texture of the image.
While electro-vibration is becoming a reality, yet there have been some postponements in the process simultaneously. According to the tech specialists, 2017 will proclaim the entry of electro-vibration innovation on a substantial scale crosswise over touch screen gadgets. It will work on the principle that, the electrostatic charges will trick your brain and you will be able to feel the surface just by touching the gadget’s screen. Apple has likewise been working in electro-vibration innovation and has documented a few licenses that are identified with the innovation.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The fate of mobile innovation nearly spins around AR. A doctor doing a complicated surgery, or even a firefighter attempting to discover his way out of a building kept on fire can experience more precise and safe plan with the assistance of AR.
AR in straightforward terms implies a progressed and concealed adaptation of what we can see with our eyes. A consistent sight when seen through our cell phone implanted with the AR innovation will be upgraded using PC created tactile information, for example, sound, video, and representation as well as GPS information.