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Prashant Kishor, the mastermind, does not want Indian National Congress to form an anti-BJP alliance in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In a recent interview, he said that it is not impossible to ally by excluding  Congress. Prashant Kishore (PK) has rekindled the air of politics by making this comment in his interview. He also said “I think the ideology and political position of the Trinamool, the NCP, the YSR or all the regional parties are better than Indian National Congress. If they work together, can emerge as a possible alternative to the present Congress.”

He is attacking Congress on his statement, but there can be deep political diplomacy behind this statement. As he knows very well about the current position of the Indian Congress Congress in current Indian politics. If he supports Congress openly, then average people may not link their emotional consent to the bad image of Congress and ultimately the alliance. It could be the one reason for not supporting Congress openly.

In this context, the remarks of Prashant Kishore, a grassroots voting adviser, are considered significant. Without naming any political leader, he said, “Opposition parties will not succeed against the BJP if they are united. He needs four conditions. A face that will unite everyone. An alternative political commentary. After that the arithmetic of voting and voting machine. ”