Homeopathy may be the first choice of medical students in the country. AYUSH Minister Sarbananda Sonwal thinks so. He claims that the acceptance of homeopathic treatment is high in the country. Generation after generation relies on homeopathy treatment. People can easily get and use homeopathic medicines and it has no side effect. For this reason, homeopathy may be the first choice of medical students.

AYUSH Minister Sonwal inaugurated the two-day conference on the occasion of World Homeopathy Day on Saturday. State Minister for AYUSH Mahendrabhai Munjpara and many others were present on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Honeyman, the father of homeopathy. Speaking on the occasion, the AYUSH Minister said, “Homeopathy is not only the first choice of AYUSH treatment, but it can also be the first choice for medical students.”

“The National Commission for Indian Systems of Medicine and the National Commission for Homeopathy and AYUSH education have merged to form a new education policy at the center,” he said. The Minister explained that homeopathic remedies are readily available. This treatment is acceptable to generation after generation. People seek homeopathic treatment from a family doctor for any ailment.

Following the remarks of the AYUSH Minister, State Minister Munjparao said that various diseases can be treated safely at a low cost. So they are trying to increase the importance of homeopathy treatment in the country.